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John J. McDermott, CPLP jjm at jkintl.com
Wed Oct 14 18:01:56 BST 2015

On 10/14/2015 6:26 AM, Joerg Fallmann wrote:
> Dear John,
> what I would like to do is to stay in one route,
> display whatever information I already have,
> so that the user can start reading output,
> while I continue processing until I have everything I need
> and update what the user can see with the final information.
That is what I get when I pull the info after I've loaded the first chunk.
> So similar to what delayed does when I use strings as content,
> with the difference that I would like to use templates filled with
> the initial content and update that templates content once processing
> is done.
> So far I have a myhost/welcomepage where the user can select some stuff
> and is then redirected to myhost/results. From the user input I can
> quickly create some content, but some other content takes some time,
> and I would like to show what I have fast at myhost/results and update
> myhost/results when the rest is done without redirecting to yet
> another route,
> instead of computing everything and then /push/ it to the user after
> minutes.
That sounds very much like what I do. I show the initial page, let the
user select the desired info and then I go to the appropriate route. I
display initial info in a header and footer, and then a js onLoad
function grabs the remaining data from another route (similar to your
results route). Sometimes that's a lot of JSON data and can take some
time do download. I use datatables for the actual load and display for
some of the routes.
> @Amelia, I was playing around with delayed, and for me it works as
> expected
> when I only want to return simple stuff like in the manual, but when I
> try to
> use templates as content nothing happens until the very end of the route,
> so just the final output is created and no in-between output.
> Hope what I want to do is possible with Dancer2
> --joerg

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