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Hermann Calabria hermann at ivouch.com
Tue Nov 24 21:02:40 GMT 2015

At iVouch, we used Starman for several months, but ran into problems with 
processes that wouldn't terminate gracefully and pile on top of each other, 
causing eventual memory overruns.  I know many folks here recommend Starman, 
but in a heavy production environment, Starman caused too many problems for 
us.  So we switched to uWSGI and haven't looked back since... uWSGI is an 
amazing piece of software, and is well-supported and continuously updated 
because a lot of Python-based apps use it.  It also happens to support 
Perl/PSGI applications out of the box, which is what drew us to it.


On top of uWSGI, we run nginx to offload the static asset load, handle SSL, 
resolve redirects, etc.

The combination is dreamy; we've done extensive load testing and it all 
works super well and super fast.  It took several weeks to fine-tune 
everything, and if there's interest, I'd be happy to post our "recipe" for 
deploying D1 on uWSGI on nginx.

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Having said all of that, I certainly do recommend running your Dancer app 
behind some kind of reverse proxy server.  That will offload the static 
asset load from Dancer, putting it all on the proxy server.

That gives you a kind of parallelism all by itself, since the proxy server 
will be fully concurrent: it can serve static assets from other 
threads/children while one of those is blocking on Dancer waiting for a 
dynamically-generated web page.  Since most web page hits serve many more 
static assets than dynamic ones, it is perfectly sensible for most of the 
available resources to be taken up by the proxy server.

If your web app is so “heavy” that it needs a large fraction of the computer’s 
available resources, you’re probably at a scale where you should be 
offloading static content onto a CDN.
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