[dancer-users] Dancer2 deployment

Warren Young wyml at etr-usa.com
Mon Nov 23 14:59:11 GMT 2015

Having said all of that, I certainly do recommend running your Dancer app behind some kind of reverse proxy server.  That will offload the static asset load from Dancer, putting it all on the proxy server.

That gives you a kind of parallelism all by itself, since the proxy server will be fully concurrent: it can serve static assets from other threads/children while one of those is blocking on Dancer waiting for a dynamically-generated web page.  Since most web page hits serve many more static assets than dynamic ones, it is perfectly sensible for most of the available resources to be taken up by the proxy server.

If your web app is so “heavy” that it needs a large fraction of the computer’s available resources, you’re probably at a scale where you should be offloading static content onto a CDN.

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