[dancer-users] Non-blocking stuff

Warren Young wyml at etr-usa.com
Tue Nov 17 04:20:01 GMT 2015

On Nov 16, 2015, at 9:09 PM, David H <untg99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So yeah, some clarification would be awesome, or just someone with an example which works.

One of the items on the list of ideas for Advent Calendar 2015 articles is exactly that:


Since no one has signed up to write that article, maybe you should.  I know you don’t know how to make it work right now, but the code is open, so you could in principle figure out how to use it.

An article written from the perspective of a newbie is often better in the end than one written by someone who knows how the feature is *supposed* to work, because you’re more likely to remember where all the traps are.

I might write it myself, because I, too, have not yet used this feature of Dancer 2, but it was already on my to-do list.  (I want to use the feature to throttle repeated login attempts without slowing down one-off logins.)

That said, I’ve already written 6 articles for the calendar, and have received hardly any good feedback, so maybe I should leave the remaining 3/4 of the available spots to others.

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