[dancer-users] Medium-Scale Dancer series updated

Amelia Ireland aireland at lbl.gov
Sat Dec 26 12:49:00 GMT 2015

This is really fantastic -- thank you Warren. I am trying to persuade my
coworkers to switch to Dancer, and this article series will be a huge help
in demonstrating how to design and build a large application. Thank you!
I’ve just finished a touch-up pass on my series of articles on getting
beyond the initial small-scale app design generated by “dancer -a app”.
They were to be part of the 2015 advent calendar, but for now, here are the
current links:

   Part 1, modules:   https://goo.gl/SFn30N
   Part 2, routes:    https://goo.gl/UfMqGo
   Part 3, views:     https://goo.gl/DN8xYO
   Part 4, front end: https://goo.gl/wlyOFB
   Part 5, REST API:  https://goo.gl/VbMI4P
   Part 6, reloader:  https://goo.gl/6AiiIm

(These are GitHub links, showing the current tip-of-master versions,
shortened so they don’t break due to line wrapping.)

The major change is that I’ve replaced the context object idea with direct
Dancer DSL calls.  I had poor justifications for this object, which I
realized after watching Alexis Sukrieh’s 2015 conference video.

That in turn allowed me to drop a level of function calls, which makes the
recommended design considerably cleaner.

I’ve also fixed up some UTF-8 problems, so you don’t get broken Latin-1
characters when viewing the articles in a web browser.  (They look fine on
a UTF-8 terminal. :) )
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