[dancer-users] Some questions about Logger and format_message in Dancer2

Lennart Hengstmengel lennart at tevreden.nl
Mon Nov 10 11:46:57 GMT 2014

Hi Sawyer,

On 08-11-14 12:15, Sawyer X wrote:

> Submit the PR and let's check it out.

Thanks for the useful feedback! I submitted a PR at 

There's one thing I encountered and I'm not sure whether I did this 
right. In the code there was: setting('charset'), which triggered an 
error (undefined function). So I changed it to 
$self->config->{'charset'} however $self->config appears to be an empty 
hashref. I expected it to contain the app config (with at least a key 
'charset' as that is in the config.yml). Is this assumption correct? If 
not, what is the best way to get access to the app config / charset setting?

Best regards,

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