[dancer-users] Serving big static and private files

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Mon Mar 10 04:56:05 GMT 2014


you might know that the Perl Maven site http://perlmaven.com/ runs on Dancer.

Up till yesterday it was running on Starman as the web server, but yesterday
I added Nginx to the mix. So now it is

Nginx - Starman(Dancer).

One of the reasons I made the change is that there are a few large static files
(some videos/screencasts and mp3 files)  that I think would be better
served by Nginx directly.

I can configure that in Nginx (have not done it yet), but some of
these files should be only available to paying users. As long as
everything went through Dancer this was easy.
in the route serving the file I checked if the request comes from an
authenticated user
and if she has the right subscription and only served the file if
everything was fine.

I am not sure how to do this when the files are served directly by nginx.

Is there a solution? Any recommendations?


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