[dancer-users] Problem using jquery UI in Dancer

sbeck at cpan.org sbeck at cpan.org
Wed Jun 11 17:40:07 BST 2014

Yes.  Thanks to everyone who replied... I just got my app working as 
desired.  I had indeed overlooked the section on static files needing to 
be in public... one problem with having a tool which really is quite 
easy to start using is that sometimes you start using it before you've 
sufficiently digested the docs!  :-)

Thanks again to everyone.

On 06/11/2014 12:14 PM, Daniel Perrett wrote:
> As others have already suggested, it looks like your files are not 
> being served by Dancer over http because Dancer doesn't know they're 
> part of the app (whereas your browser can find them on the file system 
> if it's looking in file:// ... urls, Dancer does not automatically 
> expose the file system).
> You might find it easiest to start with a boilerplate app using dancer 
> -a App::MyApp (or whatever you want to call the thing) and work from 
> there, as per http://www.perldancer.org/quickstart- that will mean 
> your app is structured the same way as other people's dancer apps and 
> will be easier to maintain in the long run than designing your own 
> folder structure.
> Alternatively, if you have some reason for not doing something like 
> the above, you could replace the relative urls in the script tags with 
> absolute urls which you know to work, i.e. link to the JS files hosted 
> on a CDN.
> Daniel
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> Subject: [dancer-users] Problem using jquery UI in Dancer
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> I've using Dancer 1.3115 on OpenSuSE 13.1.  I've downloaded jquery
> 1.11.1 and the datepick plugin from http://keith-wood.name/datepick.html.
> I took the simplest test script from the datepick home page (and
> stripped it down to a single popup calendar -- that's the functionality
> I want) and put it in a very simple Dancer script. Unfortunately,
> although the HTML produced is correct, the Dancer script isn't working.
> When I run the dancer script and point my browser at it, I see a text
> box asking for a date.  If I click in the box, no calendar pops up to
> select the date.
> If I view the page source and copy the html into a dancer2.html file and
> open that file up in my browser and it works great.  I see the same
> page, and clicking in the box pops up the calendar.
> I'm a fairly recent user of Dancer, but I'm really liking it and want to
> use it for a project but I really need the datepicker to work.
> Any suggestions?
> I'm attaching the dancer2.pl script and the HTML it generates. My setup
> is that I have dancer2.pl and dancer2.html in a directory and a
> subdirectory jquery containing both jquery and the datepicker plugin
> (both completely unmodified).
> [attachment "dancer2.pl" deleted by Daniel Perrett/ELT/UK/cambridge] 
> [attachment "dancer2.html" deleted by Daniel Perrett/ELT/UK/cambridge] 
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