[dancer-users] Problem using jquery UI in Dancer

Daniel Perrett dperrett at cambridge.org
Wed Jun 11 17:14:56 BST 2014

As others have already suggested, it looks like your files are not being 
served by Dancer over http because Dancer doesn't know they're part of the 
app (whereas your browser can find them on the file system if it's looking 
in file:// ... urls, Dancer does not automatically expose the file 

You might find it easiest to start with a boilerplate app using dancer -a 
App::MyApp (or whatever you want to call the thing) and work from there, 
as per http://www.perldancer.org/quickstart - that will mean your app is 
structured the same way as other people's dancer apps and will be easier 
to maintain in the long run than designing your own folder structure.

Alternatively, if you have some reason for not doing something like the 
above, you could replace the relative urls in the script tags with 
absolute urls which you know to work, i.e. link to the JS files hosted on 
a CDN.


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Subject:        [dancer-users] Problem using jquery UI in Dancer
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I've using Dancer 1.3115 on OpenSuSE 13.1.  I've downloaded jquery 
1.11.1 and the datepick plugin from http://keith-wood.name/datepick.html.

I took the simplest test script from the datepick home page (and 
stripped it down to a single popup calendar -- that's the functionality 
I want) and put it in a very simple Dancer script. Unfortunately, 
although the HTML produced is correct, the Dancer script isn't working.

When I run the dancer script and point my browser at it, I see a text 
box asking for a date.  If I click in the box, no calendar pops up to 
select the date.

If I view the page source and copy the html into a dancer2.html file and 
open that file up in my browser and it works great.  I see the same 
page, and clicking in the box pops up the calendar.

I'm a fairly recent user of Dancer, but I'm really liking it and want to 
use it for a project but I really need the datepicker to work.

Any suggestions?

I'm attaching the dancer2.pl script and the HTML it generates. My setup 
is that I have dancer2.pl and dancer2.html in a directory and a 
subdirectory jquery containing both jquery and the datepicker plugin 
(both completely unmodified).

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[attachment "dancer2.html" deleted by Daniel Perrett/ELT/UK/cambridge] 
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