[dancer-users] Setting a cookie resets the session?

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Wed Feb 19 23:58:14 GMT 2014

On 2/13/2014 21:59, Warren Young wrote:
> I have a login page POST handler, and I want to remember the login
> parameters for the next attempt:
> post '/login' => sub {
>      if (handle_login(stuff)) {
>          cookie 'myapp' => {
>              'username' => params->{username},
>              'other' => params->{stuff},
>          };

For the archives:

I figured out the problem.  I had 'session_name' set to 'myapp' in 
config.yml, which means my login parameter cookie was overwriting the 
session cookie.

I must not have been thinking clearly when I did that, because it's 
obvious to me now that they're separate things, with necessarily 
different lifetimes.

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