[dancer-users] basic question about view/templates

Rene Stoutjesdijk r.stoutjesdijk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 17:59:33 GMT 2014

Good day,

probably a very basic question but i don't get the picture clear how it
should be done.

I already have a basic application running which collects the data from a
mysql database.I'm also making use of html::table::fromdatabase to get a
table view of all the selectable items.
The table has been adjusted that when the user selects a row it gets
pointed to a route handler.
So now comes the question.

How can i setup the route&view/layouts in such a way that the user is now
capable of editing and updating the entries.

the user gets pointed towards:

i think i can now have the following sub:
get '/edit/:client_name' =>sub {
.......what's required here........??????

but now i'm stuck i don't know what to do.

the db_table is quite simple:
client_name is the key and has 3 other rows
var1 string
var2 string
var3 string

So i would like now to be able to show a page which shows the end user
var1/var2/var3 and provide the possibility to update the 3 vars.

Any help is appreciated.
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