[dancer-users] get session info without route

Hugues Max huguesmax at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 10:03:55 BST 2013

I use Dancer 1.3118 with YAML session in config.

session: 'YAML' in config.yml

in my file.pm
I try to use

my $PATHXLS  = config->{'PATHXLS'}. session 'numclient' .'/';

if this ligne is in any route (get , post, any .. ) it's working for 
this route

but if this line is at beginning of file,  outside of route  , and I 
want to use $PATHXLS,  info of session 'numclient' is empty

I tried to use hook 'before'

hook 'before' => sub {
     $PATHXLS  = config->{'PATHXLS'}. session 'numclient' .'/';

debug $PATHXLS;

but this is the same problem , $PATHXLS is defined but without session info

do you have a idea  to get a variable for all file with session info ?

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