[dancer-users] What about a "use Dancer :config"?

Mike South msouth at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 23:20:18 BST 2013


dancer newbie here.  I recently wrote a script that read the dancer config
in manually.  In my opinion, this would be a great import tag.

I'll share my use case (while bracing for "that doesn't belong in config,
you idiot!" responses--it's ok, just tell me if you think that, I'm eager
to learn.):

I have a development, staging, and production instance of the app that run
on the same url but different ports.  I want to put the port number in the
config.yml.  Another thing someone might want in there would be the
location of the PID file for killing the currently running process.  I need
this in the script that I use to start/re-start the app, which takes the
name of the environment as an argument, then checks the PID file for the ID
of a running process, kills and reports that, then runs plackup, telling it
the port to start on and the name of the run file.

Another thing you might want available outside the app is a mount
point--instead of differentiating by port, you could mount the app at a
different virtual directory (or whatever you call the url prefix).
 Possibly hostname, too--in short, anything I need to pass to plackup, I
would like to be available in a script that doesn't start the app, but
gives me the configuration info I need to start the app.


On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 3:30 PM, Cymon <cymon.ML at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was a little puzzled when I saw the "Use Dancer :syntax" disappear in
> the 0.007 release.
> I thought that a less powerful Dancer inclusion was needed as the "Use
> Dancer" create an App in every package is used.
> Thinking about it I realized that probably it's a matter of "code
> discipline" (tell me if I'm wrong). The right way to do things is not
> importing "a part" of Dancer environment, but passing the $dsl object
> when needed, so I accepted that.
> Even so, I think that there's a case when a "light" dancer import is
> needed and it is when you need to use some configuration you have in
> the config.yml that should be the master configuration file for
> everything in your project (in my idea).
> So I was wondering if it could be useful to add a "Use Dancer :config"
> way to import Dancer just to make the config keyword accessible,
> without creating an App.
> What do you think about this?
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> Simone "Cymon" Faré
> http://perlishscrewdriver.blogspot.com
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