[dancer-users] New Dancer 2 release: 0.09

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 09:15:14 BST 2013

Thanks a lot Sawyer for the amazing work, it's great to see Dancer2 growing
and growing and growing again, a very warm feeling from my side!

Also a big "thank you" to all our new contributors, something big is going
to rise from that code, I can feel it!


2013/9/1 sawyer x <xsawyerx at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone!
> We've just cut a new release of Dancer 2. I thought you might like to know
> about the recent changes done.
> Mickey Nasriachi continued his work on the core. This is the second
> release he has appeared in. This time he cleaned up the DSL and made more
> things immutable (a major target for us), and sped up route compilation,
> fixed some issues and so on. Do continue on your rampage!
> Russell Jenkins is determined to close as many open holes as we can find.
> He has fixed a "forward" problem, cleaned up some of the serializers'
> behavior and most importantly corrected inaccurate PSGI handling in one
> edge case that was really bugging me. Thank you, Russell!
> Ahmed Zawawi joined Dancer history by making his first contribution
> (congratulations!) by cleaning up a bit in the documentation that confused
> people and suggesting a proper way of handling reloading while developing.
> Another new comer in Dancer history is Alex Beamish who also cleaned up a
> bit of documentation. It's an often-overlooked aspect of projects but it's
> nothing short of crucial for beginners.
> And one more new comer is Andrew Solomon who had helped with documentation
> as well as being quite visible in Github, trying to help us sort out
> things, and fleshing out possible issues.
> Welcome Ahmed, Alex and Andrew!
> If you check the Changes file, you will probably see Alberto Simões and
> myself.
> Alberto fixed the autopages (along with the help of Russell) and a small
> fix in log levels with config files. The autopage fix was extremely
> important for me, and I'm personally thrilled to have a team that is so
> in-tuned with working on things that actually trouble people directly.
> I've been quite busy myself as well, but I managed to work on removing the
> Dancer ModuleLoader with Class::Load, with a hand from Alberto. This means
> loading is faster and more correct. I've removed the not-quite-implemented
> "load_app" keyword and the documented-but-non-existent "load" keyword. With
> Dancer 2 you just do "use App". It seems we have also successfully phased
> out the "devel" branch. I've been working on some bigger things in Dancer,
> but they will take time to ripen.
> I want to thank all the contributors for their help. You have made Dancer
> 2 that much better and we appreciate it. A special thanks goes to Alberto
> for the constant probing and poking to make sure PRs get attention, fixes
> are done, and releases are made. I also want to give a big shout out to
> Alexis Sukrieh (sukria), who helped out behind the scenes with throwing
> ideas around, discussing implementation, providing insight and support. You
> might not see him much, but he is alive and kicking! Also, he will be at
> the upcoming Portuguese Perl Workshop. If you're there and I'm not, give
> him a hug for me. :)
> Keep in touch! If you have any feedback, please do let us know: mailing
> list, Github, personal emails, it's all there for you to use.
> See you next release,
> Sawyer X,
> Dancer core team.
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Alexis Sukrieh
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