[dancer-users] New Dancer 2 release: 0.09

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 22:58:03 BST 2013

Hi everyone!

We've just cut a new release of Dancer 2. I thought you might like to know
about the recent changes done.

Mickey Nasriachi continued his work on the core. This is the second release
he has appeared in. This time he cleaned up the DSL and made more things
immutable (a major target for us), and sped up route compilation, fixed
some issues and so on. Do continue on your rampage!

Russell Jenkins is determined to close as many open holes as we can find.
He has fixed a "forward" problem, cleaned up some of the serializers'
behavior and most importantly corrected inaccurate PSGI handling in one
edge case that was really bugging me. Thank you, Russell!

Ahmed Zawawi joined Dancer history by making his first contribution
(congratulations!) by cleaning up a bit in the documentation that confused
people and suggesting a proper way of handling reloading while developing.

Another new comer in Dancer history is Alex Beamish who also cleaned up a
bit of documentation. It's an often-overlooked aspect of projects but it's
nothing short of crucial for beginners.

And one more new comer is Andrew Solomon who had helped with documentation
as well as being quite visible in Github, trying to help us sort out
things, and fleshing out possible issues.

Welcome Ahmed, Alex and Andrew!

If you check the Changes file, you will probably see Alberto Simões and

Alberto fixed the autopages (along with the help of Russell) and a small
fix in log levels with config files. The autopage fix was extremely
important for me, and I'm personally thrilled to have a team that is so
in-tuned with working on things that actually trouble people directly.

I've been quite busy myself as well, but I managed to work on removing the
Dancer ModuleLoader with Class::Load, with a hand from Alberto. This means
loading is faster and more correct. I've removed the not-quite-implemented
"load_app" keyword and the documented-but-non-existent "load" keyword. With
Dancer 2 you just do "use App". It seems we have also successfully phased
out the "devel" branch. I've been working on some bigger things in Dancer,
but they will take time to ripen.

I want to thank all the contributors for their help. You have made Dancer 2
that much better and we appreciate it. A special thanks goes to Alberto for
the constant probing and poking to make sure PRs get attention, fixes are
done, and releases are made. I also want to give a big shout out to Alexis
Sukrieh (sukria), who helped out behind the scenes with throwing ideas
around, discussing implementation, providing insight and support. You might
not see him much, but he is alive and kicking! Also, he will be at the
upcoming Portuguese Perl Workshop. If you're there and I'm not, give him a
hug for me. :)

Keep in touch! If you have any feedback, please do let us know: mailing
list, Github, personal emails, it's all there for you to use.

See you next release,

Sawyer X,
Dancer core team.
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