[dancer-users] Dancer people & talks at YAPC Europe in Kiev

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Sat May 18 12:33:35 BST 2013

Hello, fellow Dancers!

Who is going to the YAPC Europe in Kiev (http://act.yapc.eu/ye2013/)?
Also it would be nice to know who is giving Dancer related talks there.
A status report about Dancer2 would be useful for the attendees, as
other topics which show Perl programmers the wonders of Dancer :-)

Geoffrey submitted a talk "Dancer: Getting to Hello World‎" (missed to
tag it with Dancer) and I give an extended version of my
"Dance around the world" talk which I held at the German Perl Workshop.
20 minutes was simply not enough for showing the applications we did
and more about the programming code.


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