[dancer-users] Dancer1/2 plugin interoperability

Jashank Jeremy jashank at rulingia.com
Mon Mar 4 11:35:18 GMT 2013


This is probably a very obvious question, but here goes:

What's the situation regarding plugin interoperability between D1 and 2?

I know that, before Dancer and Dancer2 were separated, interoperability
of plugins between both major versions was a major point -- D:P:SiteMap
comes to mind -- but since the divide, I'm a bit fuzzy what the rules
are regarding plugin compatibility.

If I were to grab a D1 plugin (e.g. Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible)
and add it into my shiny new D2 app, will it work?  Will it catch fire?
Moreover, _should_ it work?



Jashank Jeremy
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