[dancer-users] I have two pull-requests

Punter punter at punter.gr
Fri Apr 12 10:05:37 BST 2013

Just a reminder, that I have two pull requests sitting:

#200 changes the way cookies are handled by the developer, according to 
the wishes of dagolden in one of his documents. It looks pretty 
important to me to deal with as soon as possible, since it will break 
backwards compatibility and so it's best to affect as few people as 

#211 allows you to set the "views" directory somewhere else, in 
accordance with D2 documentation. This is also important, as it will let 
the front-end developer upload his stuff without affecting your (the 
back-end developer's) stuff. I guess there could be other ways to 
achieve this same benefit, but this looks like the most straightforward 
and easy-to-figure one. In the last of bigpresh's session of 
looking-at-pull-requests two weeks ago, this pull request was 
accidentally overlooked.

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