[Dancer-users] Added options for Dancer::GetOpt

Daniel Perrett dperrett at cambridge.org
Wed May 30 18:20:32 CEST 2012

Wouldn't this run the risk of users adding their own options and thus 
breaking their options if/when Dancer adds its own? Perhaps safest to add 
an option "--custom=s%" or somesuch:

perl bin/rtb_deamon.pl --environment production --custom verbose=1 
--custom force=1 --custom once=1


From:   Ovid <curtis_ovid_poe at yahoo.com>
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Date:   30/05/2012 11:10
Subject:        [Dancer-users] Added options for Dancer::GetOpt
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Hi all,

I've recently discovered a problem where I wrote a small daemon to handle 
a few tasks for my Dancer application. Unfortunately, I need more options 
beyond the option port, deamon, environment, help, confdir and restart 

I've temporary hacked together an solution that let's me do this:

    perl bin/rtb_deamon.pl --verbose --force --once \
      --environment production

But it might be nice if someone thought of a *clean* way of allowing extra 
arguments beyond those hard-coded into Dancer::GetOpt. I can't think of 
that clean way right now :)

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