[Dancer-users] Simple Dancer OO approach.

Роман Галеев ip at ncom-ufa.ru
Thu Jan 26 14:29:45 CET 2012

На Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:31:50 +0100
damien krotkine <dkrotkine at gmail.com> записано:

> I see it more as a proof of concept though, until it gets more fleshed out.

I think to fully flesh it out I only need to "implement" the rest of RESTful API,
like put and delete keywords, and to stub other keywords as it is. Or not to stub,
because one could use Dancer:: notation if needed.

Altough already defined subset was good enough for me, so far.

> What's is proposed here is different from the OO of dancer 2. Granted,
> it'll be easier and shorter to write on top of dancer 2, but it won't
> be obsoleted by dancer 2

Yeah, the idea behind this is ability to modularize code, like to be able
just to "mount" appropriate module to the specific uri coupled with templates,
with convention module mount "path" ~ views/path.

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