[Dancer-users] Simple Dancer OO approach.

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Thu Jan 26 09:54:37 CET 2012

This seems like a well thought-out idea, but unfortunately I think it
shouldn't be done.
Dancer 2 is already completely OO and so is the DSL. The idea now is to
simply keep Dancer 1 maintained as far as to let Dancer 2 be developed
continually. Once Dancer 2 is ready, we'll start moving to it. It will
already contain all the things people suggest to put into Dancer 1, being
done more cleanly and correctly.

2012/1/26 Роман Галеев <ip at ncom-ufa.ru>

> Simple Dancer OO approach.
> The idea is simple -- we need to defer route handler declaration. It could
> be
> done with re-definition Dancer DSL words like get, post, any, etc. It's
> done
> in Dancer::OO::Dancer module.
> Deferred declarations are stored in package _handler array variable.
> This approach allows to define and use common handlers and to write
> extendable modules
> that could be mounted to later declared uris.
> To use this deferred technique package must be inherited from
> Dancer::OO::Object package,
> which sole purpose is to install deffered handlers. It does so by building
> inheritnance
> tree and calling Dancer::* methods with obvious alterations.
> Handlers are installed to prefixed routes, thus limiting the route syntax
> to simple strings.
> I've included a sample Sample application, which has common Sample::Base
> for Sample::Root
> and Sample::Demo packages.
> https://github.com/jamhed/Dancer-OO
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> With best regards,
>        Roman Galeev
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