[Dancer-users] Simple Dancer OO approach.

Роман Галеев ip at ncom-ufa.ru
Thu Jan 26 08:17:19 CET 2012

Simple Dancer OO approach.

The idea is simple -- we need to defer route handler declaration. It could be
done with re-definition Dancer DSL words like get, post, any, etc. It's done
in Dancer::OO::Dancer module.

Deferred declarations are stored in package _handler array variable.

This approach allows to define and use common handlers and to write extendable modules
that could be mounted to later declared uris.

To use this deferred technique package must be inherited from Dancer::OO::Object package,
which sole purpose is to install deffered handlers. It does so by building inheritnance
tree and calling Dancer::* methods with obvious alterations.

Handlers are installed to prefixed routes, thus limiting the route syntax to simple strings.

I've included a sample Sample application, which has common Sample::Base for Sample::Root
and Sample::Demo packages.


With best regards,
	Roman Galeev

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