[Dancer-users] Deploying with Plack::Handler::Apache2

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sat Jan 21 17:20:28 CET 2012

Hi Sawyer,

I've read email several times now, and I really can't see anything in it 
that I don't like :)

I said which answer I'd really like, and you gave me one better than 
that - not only is it fixed in Dancer 2, there's even a good chance that 
the fix will be backported to Dancer 1. Not seeing a downside there at all.

None of the work I'm doing is time-critical, so as long as there's a fix 
in the pipeline, I'm happy.

If there's anything I can do to help get the Dancer 1 patch out sooner, 
then by all means let me know. I'm no expert in Dancer internals, but 
I'm happy to help in any way I can.



On 01/21/2012 03:52 PM, sawyer x wrote:
> Hey Dave. :)
> I will probably mention a few things here you might like and a few
> things you might not.
> In a nutshell: this is *fixed* in Dancer 2, and it might be fixed in
> Dancer 1 at some point.
> Not in a nutshell: this is actually a very known and painful issue. It's
> indeed a Dancer problem, and not a Plack one. This is also one of the
> reasons Dancer 2 got started in the first place. One of the design
> decisions of Dancer 1 leads to this problem and Dancer 2 was created out
> of proper design to set this (and other side-effects) straight. This
> means that Dancer 2 will definitely not suffer this malady, from the get-go.
> There is a proposed community patch for this (and a fork carrying this
> patch) but we found it a bit tricky and somewhat unclean and haven't
> merged it in yet. If you have the time (and inclination) contact me on
> this issue. I'd love help with reviewing and cleaning it up so we could
> actually merge this.
> Sorry for this, and hope we could settle it as soon as possible.
> S.
> On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 5:32 PM, Dave Cross <dave at dave.org.uk
> <mailto:dave at dave.org.uk>> wrote:
>     I was disappointed to read this in Dancer::Deployment:
>       NOTE: Only a single Dancer application can be deployed using the
>       Plack::Handler::Apache2 method. Multiple Dancer applications will not
>       work properly (The routes will be mixed-up between the applications).
>     I've just installed my second Dancer app on the same Apache instance
>     using Plack::Handler::Apache2 and I can confirm that the second app
>     gets _very_ confused :/
>     I assume this is a Dancer limitation rather than a Plack one as I
>     already also have a Catalyst app installed in the same Apache
>     instance using Plack::Handler::Apache2.
>     So I was wondering how serious this limitation is? Is it something
>     that could be fixed if a hacker (and, yes, I'm probably volunteering
>     myself here) spent some time investigating the problem? Or is it a
>     hard limit that we're never going to be able to work round?
>     Of course the answer I'd _really_ like is "oh, yes, that'll be fixed
>     in Dancer 2.0" :-)
>     Cheers,
>     Dave...
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