[Dancer-users] Croak with Dancer [was: Dancer2 - feature change request]

damien krotkine dkrotkine at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 22:20:43 CEST 2011

Le 21 oct. 2011 à 22:10, Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu> a écrit :

> Hi Damien,
> damien krotkine wrote, On 10/21/11 15:42:
>> Le 21 oct. 2011 à 21:18, Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu> a écrit :
>>> Would it be possible to make "croak" work properly from within
>>> Dancer2 ?
>> I have taken care of that while refactoring the Dancer exceptions.
>> Could you try the topic/exceptions3 branch from github? I've stolen
>> the Carp mechanism and Replaced all croaks by Dancer Exceptions.
>> Verbosity of the stack trace can be setup with
>> $Dancer::Exception::verbose.
> I'm not exactly sure which/what to try, and pointers will be
> appreciated.
> I did clone from "https://github.com/sukria/Dancer/",
> then switched to "topics/exceptions3" with:
> $ git checkout -b topic/exceptions3 remotes/origin/topic/exceptions3

Yes that's what I meant, you got it right :)

> and re-run my application with this version of Dancer - but it did
> not improve the "croak" behavior.

Aww damned, I thought it would fix it. It's strange because I think I
tested this exact behaviour. I must have missed something. I'll fix
the code and update the branch, but that won't happen before 10 days.
The code adds Dancer in the Carp black list, maybe all Dancer::*
should be added too ...

> regards,
> -gordon

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