[Dancer-users] Croak with Dancer [was: Dancer2 - feature change request]

Assaf Gordon gordon at cshl.edu
Fri Oct 21 22:10:28 CEST 2011

Hi Damien,

damien krotkine wrote, On 10/21/11 15:42:
> Le 21 oct. 2011 à 21:18, Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu> a écrit :
>> Would it be possible to make "croak" work properly from within
>> Dancer2 ?
> I have taken care of that while refactoring the Dancer exceptions.
> Could you try the topic/exceptions3 branch from github? I've stolen
> the Carp mechanism and Replaced all croaks by Dancer Exceptions.
> Verbosity of the stack trace can be setup with
> $Dancer::Exception::verbose.

I'm not exactly sure which/what to try, and pointers will be appreciated.

I did clone from "https://github.com/sukria/Dancer/",
then switched to "topics/exceptions3" with:
$ git checkout -b topic/exceptions3 remotes/origin/topic/exceptions3

and re-run my application with this version of Dancer - but it did not improve the "croak" behavior.


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