[Dancer-users] Basic plackup/dancer startup script for Centos

Matthew Vickers mvickers at quispiam.com
Thu Oct 20 14:10:35 CEST 2011

On 20/10/11 10:52 PM, Perlover wrote:
> Sorry for my English is not understandable ;-)
That is perfectly alright !  I can understand OK, it's more my lack of
knowledge about chkconfig and SysV than your English !
> In normal situation you should have a K15some_website symlinks in
> rc6.d and rc0.d after chkconfig some_website 'on' (for this you should
> have line as '#chkconfig: 2345...')
> Because when you will run shutdown command, your system will turn
> runlevel 3 ->  6 and will run kill scripts (K*) at 6 runlevel and than
> S* scripts (starts)
> But if you don't have exactly runlevels in your init.d script (you
> have only '-') you will have only S* symlinks in rc[2345].d (that you
> have) after chkconfig some_website 'on'
> I think a right thing that a init.d script should have stop symlinks
> in rc[06].d for normal program stopping
>> If I have #chkconfig: 2345 85 15 and perform  the same command I get
>> exactly the same symlinks.
> Yes, i think it's normal behavior for right an init.d script :-)
> Otherwise our program will not be stopped correctly by shutdown - it
> will be killed by killall if /etc/init.d/killall will not help
> And if you described in your script stop priority level (15) i thought
> that you want to have a correctly stopped Dancer appliction.
Thanks for explaining this in more detail, it now makes more sense.
> Sorry, it's not critical - your program is nice without this :)
I should admit that the guts of this script was lifted form the nginx init
script,  and that's exactly what is in there. My reasoning was I want the
dancer apps to start at around the same time as nginx.



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