[Dancer-users] dancerctl - need feedback

al calyx238 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 16:03:33 CET 2011

I think dancerctl is a great idea and will be useful to many people.
However, I would not like it to be imposed on us in the future by
integrating it into the core as such. Personally, I prefer to create
my own custom ctl scripts because some of my apps have unique startup
requirements, such as chrooting. Also, since your script calls system
commands such as ps, it is unlikely it will be platform agnostic.

On 24 November 2011 12:55, Nick Knutov <mail at knutov.com> wrote:
> The first idea is just call dancertctl from dancer (something like `dancer
> start` calls `dancerctl start`) - this allows visually integrate them now
> while code will remain separate.

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