[Dancer-users] freeze devel before doing a stable release ?

damien krotkine dkrotkine at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 10:57:56 CET 2011


I had a chat with sawyer about the difficulties of releasing a stable release :
1.3020 was supposed to be just a release of 1.3019, renamed to be
released as a stable version.
But meanwhile, more development occured in the devel branch, so when
sawyer released 1.3020, the git graph were screwed. He should have do
some rebasing magic, etc, to be sure it would still be 1.3019...
Tricky stuff.

And so he mentioned an idea : freeze devel while we release stable. I
know it sounds like old history, when Dancer was frozen for months,
waiting for the next stable release, and all development on hold. But
here it should be different : we could agree to freeze devel for a
maximum of X days (X being 5 or 7). If the stable release has not been
achieved in this "frozen window", then too bad, we'll retry later. And
we could say that we shouldn't freeze devel more than once in a month,
or once in 2 months for instance ?

So I'm just throwing Sawyer's ideas + some of mines, so that we can
cool down a bit the release process, which seems to be too hot
currently. What do you think ?

All this because of the huge amount of contributions, which is a good sign :)


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