[Dancer-users] Forward observations

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Wed Jun 8 12:04:44 CEST 2011

Hello, fellow dancers!

This is the route in my great LDAP Account Management System :P

# reload triggered by dropdowns
post '/account_edit' => sub {
	my ($uid);

	if (params('body')->{uid}) {
		$uid = params('body')->{uid};
	else {
		$uid = 0;

	session form_data => {account_form_data()};
	forward "/account_edit/$uid";

With Dancer 1.3051 this just gets stuck. ambs told me this
is a fixed bug and indeed with Dancer from Git devel branch
it works. But in the "/account_edit/$uid" route params('body')->{myvar}
returns nothing while I get the correct value inside the route
above. Thus my workaround with stashing params into the session.


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