[Dancer-users] Dancer qw(:script) - possible bug with template

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Sun Jul 3 13:00:01 CEST 2011

On Sun, 2011-07-03 at 11:50 +0100, David Precious wrote:
> >
> >Can't call method "params" on an undefined value at 
> >/usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/Dancer/Template/Abstract.pm line 112.
> >
> >Is it a bug? Or what I'm doing wrong?
> Looks like template() expects to be called within a route handler
> where there's a request being processed, but you're using it outside
> of routes in a simple script. 

I've raised this as Issue 592 to track it:


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