[Dancer-users] Caching headers

Nick Hibma nick at anywi.com
Wed Jan 19 12:20:41 CET 2011

Anyone here have any success adding caching headers to output of Dancer?

I've tried using header (as stated in my previous mail), but that only works with the output of TT, not with JSON output.

It should be trivial, but somehow the headers are being deleted before the (JSON) page is sent.

Nick Hibma
AnyWi Technologies

P.S.: Rationale: I do data viewing through a javascript app and it relies on caching in the browser of the paged datasets for performance. At the moment I can see that that pages are fetched from the database all the time, which won't work with 25M entries over 2 months 2 ships (will be 1 year over 20 ships soon).

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