[Dancer-users] Dancer::Template::Markdown

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) philippe.bruhat at free.fr
Sat Nov 6 10:06:02 CET 2010

On Fri, Nov 05, 2010 at 12:29:00PM +0200, sawyer x wrote:
> Following a slip-up of BooK on our IRC channel, I've created
> Dancer::Template::Markdown.
> Basically this allows you to write Markdown files and have them rendered by
> Dancer's template engine automatically.

Actually, my idea was to take some content in markdown or other format,
and first render it using that format, and then process the result as
a template.

As I try to come up with an example, I realize there are two different
use cases.

Case 1:
* produce HTML from a source format, with a few variables to replace using
  the template
* so, source is rendered (in HTML) and the result is processed through
  the template engine

Case 2:
* generate content in the source format using the template engine,
  and then rendered it using the format
* so the source is first processed using the template engine, and
  the result is then rendered (in HTML) using the format

My use case was case 1, e.g. to be able to produce a documentation site
from a collection of pod or markdown files.

To be able to do that, I modified template to accept other paramaters
than a file name. This allows the template source to be generated on the fly.

Imagine a Dancer::Plugin::Formatter, providing a format keyword that
returns the result of formatting some content with the given format.
(using subclasses for Markdown, Pod, etc).

    # use case 1
    template format( $source => 'markdown' ), $tokens, $options;

    # use case 2
    format template( $view, $token, $options ) => markdown

Actually this is overlooking the layout (which is now handled by the
template). I'm not sure how to handle this.

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