[Dancer-users] First-time User: Notes

Mark Lawrence nomad at null.net
Wed May 19 14:59:56 CEST 2010


The clear documentation and articles I've seen on Dancer indicate it is
my ideal base for a Perl web application. Having just downloaded the
latest stable release however I have a couple of issues that I thought
I would ask here before creating a trouble ticket.

I'm running a mixed Debian stable/testing distribution (lenny/squeeze)
with perl, v5.10.1 (*) built for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi.

1. There appears to be duplicate subroutine definitions in the dancer

    mark at lifebook:~$ dancer -a myapp
    Subroutine main::dirname redefined at /usr/bin/dancer line 149
    Subroutine main::path redefined at /usr/bin/dancer line 149

but this doesn't prevent the 'myapp' creation.

2. My 'myapp' starts fine, but all requests result in a 500 Internal
Server Error. I have enabled logging and error publication in
config.yml but am not seeing anything in either the http response or in
the logs/development.log file.

    mark at lifebook:~/myapp$ cat config.yml 
    layout: "main"
    logger: "file"
    log: "debug"
    show_errors: 1
So my two problems are that a) it doesn't work at the moment, and b) I
can't seem to debug things. Looking for pointers to what I've read/done

Mark Lawrence

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