[Dancer-users] Dancer 1.18 released!

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Sun May 16 15:08:10 CEST 2010


I'm glad to announce the release of Dancer 1.18 on CPAN:

This new stable release is a major upgrade since the last one (1.176) as 
it's a full merge of the "devel" branch into the "master" one.

You'll find lots of new features and bug fixes, as mentioned in the 

Dancer 1.18

     * Errors are caught in before filters
     * halt can be given a Dancer::Response object rahter than plain
       text content
     * New logger for sending log message to STDERR:
       Thanks to Gabor Szabo for the idea.
     * Logger engines don't have anymore to implement _format(), they
       can use $self->format_message instead.
     * New log level: "core" for letting Dancer's core express itself on
       crucial events.
       That way, when the app config sets log to "core", any core
       messages is sent to the logger, and the end-user can see which
       route is chosen for each request received.
       Thanks to Gabor Szabo for the idea.
     * New class Dancer::Timer added so any logger engine can now show a
       timer string.
     * Scaffolded applications are now built like a CPAN distribution,
       with a Makefile.PL and test scripts (thanks to Gabor Szabo for
       the idea).
     * Added Dancer::Test to provide helpers for writing test script for
       Dancer applications
     * FIX bug when returning a void context after redirecting a route.
       Thanks to Juan J. Martínez  for the report.
     * Add support for request headers in Dancer::Request
     * Add support for halt() in Dancer's syntax.
     * Support for on-the-fly charset encoding when the setting is set
       and a content is sent by Dancer and needs to be encoded.
       The response Content-Type is updated accordingly as well.
     * Adding "import_warnings" settings. On by default, but allows to
       disable auto-import of "warnings" pragma. Reported by Adam

Enjoy your dances ;)

Alexis, for the development team

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