[Dancer-users] Dancer 1.170 released

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Wed Mar 24 11:25:23 UTC 2010

Hi list!

I'm pleased to announce that Dancer 1.170 has just been uploaded to

You can already fetch the tarball from the official website:

The changelog for this release is the following:

[ David Precious ]
* Fixed bug with status keyword not converting aliases (e.g.
'not_found') to real usable status lines with valid HTTP codes.
 Thanks to P Kishor for reporting this on the dancer-users mailing list!
* Accept end_tag as a synonym for stop_tag when configuring
TemplateToolkit. Thanks to James Ronan for bringing this up.
[ Sawyer X]
* Route::Cache store_route = store_path, beefed up docs
* Changed names of limits in settings
* Added documentation for it in Dancer.pm
* More documentation about Module::Refresh dependency 
  (closes bug #48)
* uri_for now accepts a boolean for not escaping URIs,
  and redirect calls uri_for with that boolean.
  (closes: bug #47)
[ Alexis Sukrieh ]
* Query string params are not dropped anymore when their value is 0.  
  thanks to "Squeeks" for the report.
  (closes: bug #49)
* Support for file uploads
  The Dancer::Request class provides a common interface to access file
  uploads. Syntactic sugar has been added to Dancer's as well
  (keyword 'upload').
  (closes whish #36)
[ Franck Cuny ]
* Support for automatic serialization/deserialization
  Dancer is now able to serialize route handler's response in various
  format (JSON, YAML, XML); and can also deserialize request body when
  (closes: wish #29)

Thanks to all of the people involved with this release!

Happy Dancing.

Alexis, for the Dancer dev team

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