[Dancer-users] flash implementation

Иван Бессарабов ivan at bessarabov.ru
Thu Dec 30 08:37:12 CET 2010


I've read http://advent.perldancer.org/2010/3 and I have a question.

In the blog implementation, described in the article there is so called "flash".
There is a global variable where one stores some message that is
available after redirect:

my $flash;
sub set_flash { $flash = shift }
sub get_flash { my $msg = $flash; $flash = ""; return $msg } )

post '/add' => sub {
   # some lines skipped
   set_flash('New entry posted!');
   redirect '/';

I think there can be a problem with this thing: if there are a lot of
requests to the site some user can see the flash message that was done
for some other user.

Am I right?

I can see several ways of doing the same way but in more safe way:
1. redirect to page with parameter that identifies flash message (have
a problem with not pretty urls)
2. store id to flash message in a cookie
3. store flash message in a session

Any other ways?

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