[Dancer-users] Adding quick_insert / quick_update to Dancer::Plugin::Database - design feedback requested

damien krotkine dkrotkine at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 20:04:41 CET 2010

On Saturday, 4 December 2010, David Precious <davidp at preshweb.co.uk> wrote:
> On Saturday 04 December 2010 14:17:52 Иван Бессарабов wrote:
>> Now with the help of your plugin the user is staying along only with
>> dbh and to execute sql and retrive data user still need to make too
>> many actions. It is super great that you are planning to add the new
>> way to work with data.
> Indeed - Dancer makes many things so unbelievably easy, whilst still providing
> the flexibility to do whatever you want.  I think D::P::Database needs to
> follow this mantra :)
>> Before this your letter I've thought of how to make life with sql
>> easier and started writing small module with my vision of how to do it
>> (my vision is very simple, but not common - not to write sql requests
>> in perl syntax, but to write them in sql). You mail inspired me to
>> make my module more or less complete, and to upload it to github and
>> cpan.
>> Actually the module is not ready to work with Dancer (it has no
>> mechanism to renew connection), but this is a first step. The module
>> is avaliable at github: https://github.com/bessarabov/SQL-Easy (I've
>> uploaded it to cpan, but some time should pass before it is
>> avaliable).
> Interesting stuff.
> I do think it replicates a fair amount of stuff that could be done easily
> enough just with core DBI methods, though.
> For instance, from your examples, :
>   my $posts_count = $se->return_one('select count(id) from posts');
>   print Dumper $posts_count; # will print $VAR1 = 42;
> Could be equally done with, e.g.:
>   my ($posts_count) = $dbh->selectrow_array('select count(id) from posts');
> Likewise,:
>   my @a = $se->return_row("select dt_post, title from posts where id = ?", 1);
> Could be done with:
>   my @a = $dbh->fetchrow_array('select ... where id = ?', undef, 1);
> (At least your modules avoids the need to pass undef (or an empty hashref, or
> something) to skip over the 2nd param, which always irritates me :) )
>> Concerning your question: I do agree that changing the meaning of
>> positional parameters is not the right thing. From the other side
>> writing every time huge hash is also not a good solution. Maybe you
>> should not use procedures, but to use methods (and the object is the
>> db connection)?
> Yeah, that's another approach I considered; the more I think about it, the
> more I think this could be the correct answer.
> I think it would make sense to provide an option to enable/disable the extra
> stuff; with it disabled, the database() keyword would just return a DBI
> connection handle, as it does now.  With it enabled, database() would instead
> return an object which subclasses DBI::db, but provides the extra methods.
> E.g. Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle.


I completely agree with the object oriented solution : I like it when
a pluton has only few registered keyword, and return objects to do
more stuff, like d::p::dbic.

In your case I would recommend that you don't have an option to enable
these features. You should always return a handle that inherits or
behaves like DBI. That would reduce the number of options and still be
backward compatible (. isa('DBI') and ->can() would work fine. If
people misuse ref() instead, it's their fault ... )

> That would make things much cleaner, as you could simply say:
>   database->quick_insert($table_name, { field => 'value' });
> and for a specific named database connection configuration,
>   database('foodb')->quick_insert(...);
> That would seem to be sane, is entirely backwards-compatible (existing Dancer
> apps using D::P::Database wouldn't have the new option enabled, so would
> continue to receive a standard DBI::db handle just as they did before), and
> new apps which choose to make use of this behaviour get a handle that can do
> all the cool new stuff, but is a subclass of DBI::db, so still does all the
> traditional DBI stuff as you'd expect, too.
> I think I've convinced myself there, but would appreciate feedback from anyone
> else, too!
> (Starting to wish I'd done this before today's advent calendar post, so it
> could have been mentioned there!)
> Cheers
> Dave P
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