[Dancer-users] Debugging and logging

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Sun Apr 4 11:18:03 UTC 2010

Hi Gabor, and thanks for giving Dancer a try!

> I just started to play with Dancer.
> I wanted to see what's going on so I wanted to turn on logging.
> I found I can say at the top of my Dancer script:
> set logger => 'file';
> set log => 'debug';


> and then I can add calls to
> debug "hello";
> and see the output with
> tail -f MYAPP/logs/development.log

Yes, that's what the default logger (Dancer::Logger::File) does.

> but I was hoping
> 1) to see the logging on the console window just after this message:
> >> Dancer server 25189 listening on
> == Entering the development dance floor ...

Hmm, that's an interesting feature, but it's not provided yet by
Dancer::Logger::File. This would be very easy to implement though.

I think the best way of doing that would be as an option.

> 2) See default debug messages on calling various routes, or missing all routes

Do you mean debug messages sent y Dancer's core itself?


Alexis Sukrieh

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