[wdvltalk-social] hdd to slave drive - update

joseph smilepoet at vfemail.net
Thu Sep 13 15:46:12 BST 2012

Continuing to search I see  the price of a usb kit is probably no more 
than the wires needed. It also keeps my fumbling fingers out of the 
works! And enables me to deal with the laptop drive. So thanks to the 
American Mr Fixit whose video showed that option. Prices seem to start 
from about £16 [around $22]. I have the old drive now sitting before and 
staring balefully at me.

The kittens seem to be finding homes :-)


On 13/09/2012 15:00, joseph wrote:
> Wish me luck as I move the (to be slave) HDD from a refurb HP G5225 to 
> a fairly basic new Medion. I have a marvellous explanatory article, 
> that I now see, having removed the older HDD, is for earlier 
> generations of systems; those with wide belts carrying the wires. In 
> compensation I have now gone too far in checking and have been 
> frightened by the need for extra wires...
> Once I have the copies of unique stuff on their I will move it back to 
> see if I can get the OS working again.
> Kittens litter the floor.
> Joseph
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