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David Blakey davidblakey at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 03:06:58 BST 2011

On 8/09/2011 13:05, joseph harris wrote:
> Having had a car i n the boot at traffic lights last year, I 
> understand your caution :-) . But do 'flags' and 'AB' refer also to 
> the sporting event Michael mentions?

Some cars have flags flying from supports attached to their windows.  
Even some St George's flags in evidence.  The main ones are Tonga and 
the All Blacks (ABs).  Some people are flying New Zealand flags.

Oh, and a flag story, which is true.  A community theatre here did A Few 
Good Men a while ago, and the designer had some US flags on the wall, 
'vertically' rather than 'horizontally', if you understand, but with the 
stars in the top left corner, and the director (a New Zealander) arrived 
and told them the flags were wrong.  Pity he hadn't done more research.  
When I worked with the US Army, I was impressed by the flag on 
vehicles.  It has the stars to the right on right hand doors so that it 
always 'flies' forward correctly.


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