[wdvltalk-social] Black flag motor vehicles

edc_quik@ihug.co.nz edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Thu Sep 8 02:12:28 BST 2011

While I was limping around the shopping centre at lunchtime I amused myself by taking a quick survey the black flagged cars and

The preponderance of cars were Toyota's, next BMWs. only one Mercedes and one Lexus, but about half the rest were SUVs including a
number of black ones with tinted windows......Shades of black helicopters......
speaking of which the current rotation of troops in Afghanistan is being brought back early as the Air Force needs its transport
planes on standby for the Rugby World Cup.....

[The black flags are All Black supporters]

Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.

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