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Cheryl D Wise cdwise at wiserways.com
Tue Sep 14 01:59:16 BST 2010

In Houston we've already seen a trend towards multi-functional developments
more along the lines of small city center type planned communities with
shops, restaurants, entertainment and office mixes. They tore down an old
huge mall that was a bit rundown and replaced it with condos above shops &
restaurants with office blocks interspersed. Even has a pub theater (movie
house that serves food & full bar at tables while the movie plays instead of
a traditional cinema) and other  clubs. Seems to be doing well for the
current economy in office leases, condo sales and apartment rentals. 

That's quite a difference in how Houston originally developed with lots of
suburban sprawl. Midtown area has seen a lot of townhomes built and has
prospered as folks are tired of long commutes. That area too has seen more
shops, pubs, restaurants & other places to hang out  so folks can walk
instead of drive. People are finding that handy with crackdowns on drunk
driving. I must admit to being glad to see it. Even though we are in a very
residential area there are places we can walk to, even a pub that brews
their own beer even if that one is about a 20 minute walk away.

Been taking photos of fall color up in our Colorado house. I've been sorting
for some to upload. Got a few shots of our resident fox this evening along
with some chipmunks and birds. Yesterday I saw a healthy looking herd of
deer with at least a dozen adults. A few of the photos are up at

Cheryl D Wise
twitter: cdwise

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Your son is probably good at timing ;-). By the time he is ready to practice
building should be picking up, though not necessarily as we think of it now.
The US will probably engage in more social housing than it ever thought it
could agree to! Should also be moves to small business, expecially shops on
high streets [main street], which have disappeared in so many places.

Probably be a lot of exciting new materials coming on stream too; offering
new thinking in house provision particularly.

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