[wdvltalk-social] Wordpress haeding - help!

smile-poetry smile-poetry at vfemail.net
Fri Apr 23 14:28:23 BST 2010

After bending every which-way on another tack, I am back to my new website as priority, and adapting to Wp.

I have prepared a new main head, and recall long ago there was a box to enter the upload to replace the theme's own. I'm OK with the Kubrick default if I can do that [such design as there is, and typefaces]. 

Try as I might I cannot find that place to upload and replace; the choices seem to be merely to amend colour and one or two aspects of the Kubrik.

I'm clogged with php rust, and my attempts to find a place in the files has failed.

Is this no longer possible in Kubrik, or am I proving challenged beyong my capabilities?   ;-)

All advice welcome.


Joseph Harris 

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