[wdvltalk-social] is it topmail RIP?

David Blakey davidblakey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 02:36:09 BST 2009

At 09:26 15/09/2009, you wrote:
>I'm wondering how many people are still on the list. When Michael 
>doesn't post for ages that's not a good sign ;-). Hey, Michael, not 
>a word about Oz losing the Ashes? ;-) [No, you don't want me to 
>explain cricket to you...]
>I think there is a lot less web business about, though there does 
>seem to be a solid basic design and development industry. Perhaps I 
>should say less freelance work.  But the amount of maintenance and 
>development must be huge. Where are discussions of them taking place?

I've been wondering that, too.

I'm still here, and working on a new project for small clients.

We went to the Brighton Festival this year.  Great holiday and a 
surprise for our son to see a range of mobile phone stores, good 
meals in pubs, decent quality clothing at reasonable prices, and 
proper Indian cuisine rather than just curries. Couldn't persuade him 
onto a ride on Brighton Pier, though.  He was able to tell his 
friends when they went to the latest Harry Potter movie that he had 
crossed the Millennium Bridge on his trip.


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