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joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Fri Oct 30 14:13:04 GMT 2009

From: "Christina Lannen" 
>I do not know why you are having such problems.  If a .png won't open with
> anything then there is a problem with the way the image was saved.  It is
> certainly not WP.
> I have no problem changing anything in WordPress, and I primarily create my
> own themes based upon the design.  You have to be working with the correct
> files.
> Many of the advanced themes css is not in the style.css.  There is generally
> a subfolder within the theme folder, and you may have to go looking for it.
> Chris
> http://www.lannendesigns.com/ 

[re your other post] I've found the style sheets in all of them, thanks. I am actually surprised at how few folders there are - though they are more amendments to wp that anything, I suppose.

Similarly, I am surprise that what seems simple - or simplish - and is usually sailed through if not too ambitious is tripping me up. If I could find mistakes by me on checking - well, I would expect it. But no such easy answers.

I appreciate the reminder from you and Cheryl on working with the right files. And the prohibition on touching the core [though that was the bit always breaking down in the old Star Trek].

In fact there is some css in php files, I note.

But, for example, I am encouraged to offer my logo in That Elite. And I find it is not where the template logo is, but has replaced the site title! Now that is not me [at least I don't see how it can be as there is only a place for that in the form]. Yet there is no hint that others have had the problem...

The programs I am using have all worked previously, and there is no reason to suppose the machine is corrupting files. 

So, what I'll do is take out all the folders, do a restart and reload. It's a bother, but I don't see any other way of testing whether wp and I are going to work together....


When I get back to it in an hour or two.


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