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Hi Joseph,

Sorry for taking so long (rather busy and then forgot).

WordPress is great for SEO and use the All in One SEO plugin.
Forums - SimplePress
I like the http://shopplugin.net/ for ecommerce and it will handle downloads
(not free thought).  I'm not absolutely sure what you need for download
management (auto-expiring link?).

WP is a CMS so you can have your static pages (use friendly urls) and also


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Though like Shakespeare's Schoolboy 'moving like snail' I have - or am in
the process - of returning to the matter of how to make my website very
effective, and so thinking about Wordpress.

Since you have experience I wondered whether you can point me to some good
primer on the possibilities. I have some fairly complex ideas, and am trying
to upgrade my knowledge in a lot of areas relevant - including things like
marketing, fora [forums if you prefer], shopping system and download control
of course, expanding specialist dictionary, and a number of other things -
including a blog [more accurately moving my blog to the website to improve
ease of keeping things up!].

The site will essentially be of books, but in three distinct areas, even if
there is some crossover.


Joseph Harris  -  Debt Control Man
author: Control Your Debt Crisis on Your Own Terms
blog: http://debtcontrolman.wordpress.com
debt dictionary: http://www.controlyourdebtcrisis.co.uk/debtwiki/

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