[wdvltalk-social] wiki problem - ideas sought......

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Wed Apr 1 02:00:58 BST 2009

Well, even the new [devtalk] has elicited no response for me 
;-). So I bring this here; any thoughts welcome:

For those it might help...

When I put in the wiki I followed the recommendation to 
leave it easy to amend, i.e. no registration. Of course this 
means that around or over 350MB of spamming - some quite 
pointless [unless these were false links] - got in in the 
period I have been unable to keep tabs.

These all seemed to be on Main Page, or index.php, so I 
assume spidering; although I started blocking it is clear 
that new IP addresses are taken as the clock ticks.

While I have been taking lines out of the _text table 
seemingly without reducing the size on the server I assume 
the only bright course is to start again. Perhaps 
fortunately I had created only around 100 pages so apart 
from being a PItB that seems a good move. Any cautions?

Is this a weakness in Mediawiki? It is the script for 
Wikipedia, so I wouldn't have thought so. And any advice on 
the right 'hoop-jumping through' to introduce?


From: "joseph-harris"

>I am going round in ever decreasing circles trying to find
> where a great chunk of hosting space is being used. The
> figures show around 350MB in the database, and that sort 
> of
> figure in the wiki _text table. I have a forum in the db
> too, but no use of it yet, and no indication of taking 
> much
> space.
> This is what mediawiki says on its db layout 'The text 
> table
> holds the wikitext of the individual page revisions.'
> Which  seems clear, but there is no sign of that text.
> I expected to find the text content of the 8000+ lines
> available through MySQLAdmin. But nothing seems to get me
> to the text content. The space used is quite ridiculous 
> for
> the actual content, but I can proabbly only discover the
> culprit by seeing the text content via the db.
> If I click the text edit symbol I get a table that needs
> filling in with Field [old_id, old_text, old_flags]; type;
> function; null; and value, with just the id value filled.
> Even so my glance down the space used by the  lines
> indicates individual sizes that cannot add to 350MB or so.
> I had found porn links on the main page, but no appearance
> of interference anywhere else - though I may not know 
> where
> to look!
> I have no hair left to tear out, so any suggestions will
> be welcome ;-).
> Joseph
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