[wdvltalk-social] OT ;-) coldfusion

David Blakey davidblakey at gmail.com
Wed May 7 21:26:59 BST 2008

The interesting feature of this discussion is the apparent link 
between SEO and the script language.  The SE specialist may code only 
in PHP, but surely the code has little to do with SEO.  We have been 
told for some time that the content is one of the main drivers for 
high SE visibility.

If the SE specialist wants to recode to give users more control over 
content, then I can understand the need for this.  (There may be a 
lot of hard coding of content that is not SE-friendly.)  But does the 
SE specialist need to understand the scripting language?

Given that the current scripting language is ColdFusion, which lends 
itself well to being a front-end vehicle for back-end content, I 
would be surprised if the current scripts contain much hard coding, 
apart from meta tags.  And most sites must surely generate meta tag 
content from the back-end, too.  (I question whether meta tags have 
much relevance to the major SEs these days, but I don't pretend to be 
an SE specialist.)

This situation sounds as if the client has not kept control over the 
work that the SE specialist is supposed to be doing, and is now 
having the project scope creep out to involve recoding.  That isn't 
what SE people are engaged to do.  It's as if the makers of a TV 
commercial wanted to dictate the make and model of cameras used in the shoot.


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