[wdvltalk-social] OT ;-) coldfusion

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Tue May 6 15:55:05 BST 2008

Now that is interesting.   I reckon I am going to have to set up 
another site or two soon [though I am thinking the easy Wordpress 
route might be most feasible] so I'll have a quick looksee at 
coldfusion before I decide.   But I think hosting is very 


From: "Cheryl D Wise"
>I don't use ColdFusion myself but have had some exposure to it. 
> understanding is that it is very flexible and easy to use. I've 
> seen some
> pretty amazing stuff with it.
> Cheryl D Wise
> MS MVP Expression - Author: Foundations of Microsoft Expression 
> Web
> http://by-expression.com
> Adobe Community Expert - Dreamweaver
> http://starttoweb.com
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> From: joseph harris
> With you Cheryl.   So it is less flexible, because the 
> functions
> are all preset [even if added to] which limits the 
> inventiveness
> which is so good with php?

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