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Cheryl D Wise cdwise at wiserways.com
Tue May 6 14:23:35 BST 2008

I'd change SEO experts. SEO is platform independent and if an "expert" only
works with one server side scripting language then I wouldn't use him. 

FWIW, there are major differences in syntax. ColdFusion is much easier for
someone with no scripting experience. It is "tag" based so you get things
like <cfmail> instead of php functions.

Cheryl D Wise
MS MVP Expression - Author: Foundations of Microsoft Expression Web
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From: joseph harris

On another list there is a discussion of coldfusion.   Is it sensible to
have a small site writen for it, and is it similar enough to php to rewrite
fairly easily?

This arose from a question of someone moving from coldfusion to use a
particular SEO expert who works in php!

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